Team info

About LHS Robotics

Londonderry High School Robotics competes as part of the FIRST Robotics Competition. Started in 2003, the team was originally named Londonderry Dragoons. The name was soon changed to PVC Pirates because of the first year’s robot shape, which resembled a pirate ship, and was built primarily of PVC.

Team students build our robot almost entirely in-house, from welding to electrical and machining to programming. We are a motivated team who work hard and love to have fun. Our team is like a second family to its members.

Team mentors

Dana Pierce

Lead mentor
FIRST since: 2010
Engineering technician
1058 alumnus

Brendan McLeod

Lead Mentor
FIRST since: 2008
Robotics systems engineer
1058 alumnus

Pat Pettengill

Electrical systems
FIRST since: 2003
Live audio/video production engineer
1058 alumnus

Matt Mayer

FIRST since: 2008
Software engineer
1058 alumnus

Brian Eccles

FIRST since: 2009
Firmware Engineer
1058 alumnus

Kenny Kutney

Business, marketing, outreach
FIRST since: 2004
Software architect/design

Bobby Bisson

FIRST since: 2007
1058 alumnus

Heather McLeod

Awards, outreach
FIRST since: 2008
1058 alumnus

Mike Pettengill, Sr.

Mentor Emeritus
FIRST since: 2003
Owner, Fleet Ready
2013 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award Winner

Mike Pettengill, Jr.

FIRST since: 2003
Manager, Fleet Ready
1058 alumnus

Brandon Zalinsky

Design for manufacturability and mechanical
FIRST since: 2007
Manufacturing engineer
1058 alumnus

Paul Ambler

FIRST since: 2018
Engineering Manager

Max Del Rio

Control systems
FIRST since: 2009
Mechanical engineering student

Joel Dufour

FIRST since: 2008
Analytical Chemist – Plastics
1058 alumnus

James Brown

Manufacturing, safety
FIRST since: 2003
Structural engineer

Sree Lakshmi Kurra

FIRST since: 2019
Software engineer in Test

Dana Villeneuve, RN

Outreach, support
FIRST since: 2017

2019 Chairman’s Award – winning video